Bengali food that originated and evolved in the region of Bengal situated in the eastern subcontinent of India (presently divided into West Bengal in India and a separate nation called Bangladesh) is rich and varied in its platter starting from snacks to main courses to sweets. Although the food habits, tastes, preferences and choice of items vary with different districts, communities and religions, the basic course generally remains the same with rice and fish playing a dominant role. Probably this is why a Bengali is often typified as a ‘Maache-Bhaate-Bangali’ where Maach means fish and Bhaat means boiled rice in Bengali. A Bengali meal follows a multi-course tradition where food is served course-wise usually in a specific format, marking it as the only meal of the subcontinent to have evolved such convention. It is quite similar to the present day service à la russe style of French cuisine. Generally a Bengali meal starts with a ‘Shukto’ (a bitter preparation) followed by ‘Shak’ (leafy vegetables), Dal (pulses), variety of vegetables, fish/mutton/chicken/egg curry, chutney (sweet-sour saucy item) and ends with sweet dish like curd and other traditional sweets like sandesh or rosogolla. With time Bengalis have embraced different culinary influences as well including that of the Mughlas, Chinese and British subtly twisting these to suit their own taste-buds.
Ananya is a Bengali word meaning a feminine form of “ unique, supreme unparalleled (ananyo being the masculine term) which is the name of our restaurant to signify the uniqueness of the cuisine that we offer for our customers.
We offer guests of Durgapur and its surrounding areas an environment to enjoy the innovative cuisines prepared with finest ingredients available. Our guests across the diverse culture and ethnicity enjoy our food and ambience and which is unparalleled to any of the restaurant in this region.
Ananya’s has set a trend and has educated and nurtured the taste of various cuisines to the people of this region by regularly organising workshops, food festivals, occasion based food carnivals ,food fairs, thus have made people to fall in love with food and cuisine that we offer.
Enjoying a meal and dining out with family and friends has become a regular affair among the people of this region and Ananya’s has significantly contributed to this trend since 1997 being the pioneer to offer a great place for the people to enjoy a homely yet exquisite cuisines and ambience outside their homes.
Besides Bengali cuisines Ananya’s offers an array of Indian ,Chinese and Awadhi cuisine which is also is unexceptional popular among the people of Durgapur.
Durgapur being a Steel City is conglomeration of various culture and people from all over India.
Hence Ananya’s has cater to the needs of the taste buds of these people from diverse back grounds by introducing various fusion foods and drinks from various cuisines . Actually it has become the most sort after restaurants where food is not just a meal but has transformed into a culture for the people of Durgapur and its surrounding areas. We are constantly innovating and experimenting with diverse cuisines of India and keeping up with the taste and preferences of our customers.
We are regularly organising cook shows and cooking competitions to keep up the spirit of this Ananya’s culture of loving and knowing food of various cuisines from around the globe and in turn letting people from diverse background know our cuisines as well.